Business Negotiation Mistakes you Should Never Make

Negotiation is one of the most critical skills in life and is essential to being successful in business. It can often be seen as a daunting process and something that many people will put off if at all possible. However learning to negotiate successfully will enable you to obtain that well deserved pay rise or to close the much needed business deal. The good news is that anyone can learn to become a good negotiator and practice is one of the best ways to achieve this. No matter how confident you become at negotiating you should always avoid making the following mistakes. Continue reading Business Negotiation Mistakes you Should Never Make

How to Negotiate Successfully in Today’s Turbulent Business Climate

In spite of an improving economy, negotiating in the business environment is still tough. Fortunately, there are strategies one can use to land a good deal. It’s never a good idea to twist people’s arms. Rather than come out too strong, put yourself in the shoes of your opponent and work to build a connection. Focus on helping them solve an issue and they’ll be willing to listen to what you have to offer. Adopting a hostile attitude disrupts the professional ambiance of a negotiation, and might even convince the opponent that it’s best to drop out from the deal. Showcase your interest when walking into a business negotiation and let counterparts see that you’re interested in hearing what they have to offer.

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Must-haves for the PMO

Many organizations have established central units to coordinate and structure project work throughout the entire organization. Others are planning to implement Project Management Offices (PMO) in the near future. In my experiences at starting a PMO in the organization, the following must-haves need to be ticked off to bring the PMO to a success: (1) Constituting a strong Project Governance in the organization, (2) establishing a clear Project-Portfolio-Perspective, (3) introducing a common Project-Lifecycle as well as (4) common Project Management Instruments and (5) starting a company-wide staffing process. Continue reading Must-haves for the PMO

The Importance Of Knowledge Of Labour Laws

business-idea-660083_640Employers have a responsibility to their workers to make sure that the environment in which they work is habitable and conducive to productivity. However, not all employers adhere to the ethics of the work environment. For such people, countries have employment laws; these laws are of extraordinary significance because they offer assurances to both the employer and the employee. On the bigger scale, agreeability with these laws offers advantages to the community overall, both on the personal and financial level. Continue reading The Importance Of Knowledge Of Labour Laws

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud-Based Contract Management Software

As someone who lives, breathes, and sells software, I encounter many people on a daily basis who wouldn’t touch the cloud with a ten-foot pole. I can understand an aversion to something new. Each new wave of technology has brought a new wave of concerns. Below are six reasons why you shouldn’t be concerned about Contract Management in the cloud. Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cloud-Based Contract Management Software

Project On-boarding Processes

Case Study at two different German service firms

By Frank Keusch, MBA, M.Sc., PMP
Project work is very common in today’s organizations. In projects the staffing process occurs more regularly than in the standard line organization. To investigate the subject of on-boarding in projects interviews at two different service firms are conducted. These interviews with project managers and project team members are analyzed to develop practical guidance. Based on the analysis of the overall responses, the following can be summarized: Successful project managers do carefully analyze the project context to structure the on-boarding process accordingly. The curiosity and openness of team members is emphasized on and is often increased by an active communication of the project goals, the development of the project and the specific role and expected contribution of the newcomers. Project managers should be highly available for the new team members as they are appreciated as the number one source of information during the project on-boarding.

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My Experience in Team Management

Ask any project manager, they always say that they are busy, and no time to take care about team. Along with the project success they need to take care about implementation of defined standards or processes, team motivation, training, team assessment, working with peers in acquiring more business, etc. If we observer, most of the responsibilities are related to each other.

A motivated team makes a project succeed; it helps in implementing defined standards and processes. A successful project leads to obtaining more business, etc.

This paper focuses on the importance of team motivation and how to build a good and responsible team. Continue reading My Experience in Team Management

Establishing Project Management Department in Your Organization

When we are talking about project management techniques and concepts, you can find a lot of references and expertise to guide you through and add to your knowledge as a project manager increasing your ability to manage complex projects.

But what you will not find that easy when you are planning to establish project management department and leading the change in your organization, how to start and what you should consider in your plan.

At this stage you will need to focus in the project management itself along with other issues like calibers, process, organization structure and mind set of your colleagues in other departments. Continue reading Establishing Project Management Department in Your Organization

Project Management for Database Administrators and System Administrators

Being a database manager for a State Agency and having to manage different databases, web servers, application servers etc including the team resources is no easy task. We have about 10 to 15 critical applications that are operated 24/7 and cannot sustain a down time. Managing System Administrators and making sure the servers are patched cloned and operated at its potential is another daunting task.

When we started growing in terms of on-boarding new applications, databases etc to the existing pool it was a little overwhelming to manage them all. That time, I brought in the Agile methodology to my team so we work with smaller projects or applications and also making team members the stake holders in the project. The team members were responsible for the applications they will step up to own and understand the functionalities etc. Continue reading Project Management for Database Administrators and System Administrators